HA Problematic Line

HA Problematic Line Combination to Oily Skins.

Cleansing Lather Gel

Cleansing Lather Gel
With a Bactericide and Anti Inflammatory formulation, it normalizes the secretion of sebum, and is such developed for the daily cleansing of the more Sensitive Oilier skins, particularly those subject to Blackheads and Pimples.
To use like liquid soap, pour a small amount  into the palms of the hands and, as it lathers, work all over wet skin . Rinse well. Use less on drier and more on oiler skins. To Tighten Pores, follow by dabbing  the HA Clarifying Tonic Lotion.
With Allantoin, Lipster® CSS, Plant Glycerine, Calendula, Corn Flower, St John’s Worth, Camomile.

Clarifying Tonic Lotion

Clarifying Tonic Lotion
This astringent lotion, Tightens Dilated Pores, Soothes & Calms Irritated Skins. Is an excellent After Shave Lotion, as it desensitizes razor-burned skin, while “Matifying” the skin.
To use pour into the palms of the hands, spread all over freshly cleansed face. Do not wipe off. Leave to dry.  
With Astringent Agent, VitaminB6, Camomile, Cornflower, Calendula, St John’s Wort, Lime Blossom Complex and Allantoin. No Fragrance. No Colouring.

Matting Moisturising Gel

Matifying Moisturising Care
An ideal Day and Night Cream for Oily Sensitive Dehydrated Skins. Moisturises and Matifies Combination to Oily Skins. Tightens pores. Soothes Itchiness caused by Acneic Treatments. Contains Lipster® CSS, an antibacterial Ingredient that prevents the formation of Blemishes.
To use morning and evening after thorough cleansing of the skin.
With Allantoin, Lipster® CSS, Plant Glycerine, Imperata Cylindrica, Calendula, Corn Flower, St John’s Worth, Lime Blossom, Camomile, Vitamin B6.

Purifying Mask

Purifying Mask with Lipster® CSS
With Deep Cleansing and Purifying Action, this mask Restores Balance to Oily Skins reducing the formation of Black Heads and Pimples.
To use apply a thin layer over freshly cleansed skin. Leave for 15 minutes then work into the skin and then remove with damp Mousseline Sponge. Rinse with cool water.
With Kaolin, Lipster® CSS, Calendula, Corn Flower, St John’s Worth, Lime Blossom, Camomile, Aloes and Orange and Mint Essential Oils.

Puriphyl Solution

Puriphyl Solution with Lipster® CSS
Is a Topical Treatment in cases of Oily Skins with tendency towards Acne, Folliculitis [Inflammation Hair Follicles] and Intertrigo [Bacterial Fungal or Viral Infection]. Antibacterial, Antifungal, Repairing and Moisturising.
To use Day and Night, dab on infected areas.
With Lipster® CSS, Alcoholic Excipient.