Micro Peeling Cloth

Micro Peeling Cloth

Micro Peeling Cloth
a Sensational Cloth, for Superior Skin Cleansing!

Totally removes Make-Up residue, while gently Exfoliating the skin,
opening up Clogged Pores.

How to use; after normal cleansing, moisten cloth,
then work over the skin with some force with circular movements for about a minute. 
Rinse thoroughly.

With fibres thinner than human hair,
pores will be more deeply and thoroughly cleansed.

Can be washed with hot water and even bleached,
but Fabric Softener must never be used.

MOUSSELINE Cleansing Sponges

MOUSSELINE Cleansing Sponges

Superbly Soft and Highly Absorbent. 

these Luxurious Sponges
are perfect for
Deep Cleansing and Mask removal.
Exfoliating Soap Mitten Strap

Our Exfoliating Mitten and Strap,
the perfect accompaniment to the
Exfoliating Sea Weed Soap,
are made of special Machine Washable
Non Scratch-able Material,
by RIFFI Germany.
The perfect way to keep your skin in top condition,
day after day!

The Mitten is available in both Hard,
and Hard on one side Soft the other.

Tea Tonic
Tea Tonic