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VitaCitral Hand Creams

Vita Citral Soin Hydra-Defense: A highly concentrated formula for extra dry hands. With Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract Soy Bean Oil, Lactic Acid, Rosemary Leaf Extract , Sun Flower Seed Oil, ...

Vita Citral Soin TR GEL: Helps restore beauty to damaged, sore, sensitive and chapped hands. It is recommended by Health  Professionals, and combines; the Anti-Irritant Power of Aloe, the Hydrating effect of Plant Glycerine and the Regenerating & Repair ability of Vitamin A, ...

Vita Citral Soin Anti-Âge: The perfect treatment for the care of mature ageing hands prone to age and sun spots. It combines; the Nutritious & Hydrating Properties of Cereal Germ and Plant Glycerine. Vitamin E plus an organic Seaweed Silica complex, neutralises Free Radicals, which cause skin to age. Citrus Fruit Extracts contained in Nano-Capsules, help Treat and Prevent Age Spots. While, the Natural Sun Screen (SPF7) protects hands from the harmful effects of sun.

Vita Citral Soin Hydratant: With natural Karité extract (Shea Butter) and Plant Glycerine, plus Grape Seed Oil to maintain Skin’s Elasticity is used to Nourish  and Moisturise dry hands. It hydrates the outer layers of the skin and softens the epidermis, restoring freshness to the hands, leaving a non greasy protective and nourishing film on the skin.

The Ultimate Foot FIle!
Used Dry.

In 3 Glorious Colours!
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AKILEINE Pumice Sponge

AKILEÏNE Pumice Sponge
Long Lasting Pumice for the removal of callous from Feet and Hands.
Used Wet.

HÉLIABRINE Hydro Calming Foot Emulsion
Hydrates. Improves Elasticity, Suppleness and Resistance of the skin. 
Soothes Itchiness providing Immediate Comfort. With Beeswax Shea-Butter Macadamia-Oil Plant-Glycerine Corn-Flower Camomile St John’s Wort Lime-Blossom Calendula.

HÉLIABRINE Relaxing and Soothing Foot Mask
For professional use only! With Calendula, Cornflower, St john’s Wort, Chamomile, Lime, Butcher’s Broom, Red Vine, Blackcurrant, Cypress, Grape Seed Oil and Plant Glycerine.

AKILEINE Foot Peeling Cream

AKILEÏNE Peeling Cream
A Foot Peeling Cream like No Other! Spread the peel, on Clean, Totally Dry Hands or Feet. With a little force, start to massage in to the skin with Circular Movements. Do not stop until small rolls of dead skin appear. Then, Friction off more of the impurities, until the skin is left lovely and smooth. Rinse and apply your Hand, Foot or Heal Cream!

AKILEÏNE Foot Bath Tablets

AKILEÏNE Foot Bath Tablets DEO Effervescent 

The Lipo Amino Acid plus the Essential Oil contents of these Effervescent Foot Bath Tablets instantly and thoroughly Cleanses and Deodorizes Feet.

CICALEINE Balm for Cracked Heels and Finger Tips

CICALEÏNE Balm for the effective treatment of Dry Cracked Painful Heels and Finger Tips.
Helps in the Healing Process. 
Visible improvement within the first week or two.
Fights Hyperkeratosis [the thickening of the horny layer, usually accompanied by an
increase also in the granular layer].
Moisturizes and Protects the skin from the first application.
Restores the Lipidic Film.
Relieves Inflammation.
Soothes the pain within the first week.
SILK LIPESTERS (ASEPTA PATENT): to combat hyperkeratosis.
VEGETABLE GLYCERIN AND BEESWAX: to moisturize the skin.
ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS: to restore the lipid barrier.
ENOXOLONE: to reduce inflammation / pruritus [itchiness].

AKILEÏNE Magic Foot Balm

AKILEÏNE Magic Balmespecially for New and High Heel Shoes!
The Pain Stops Here! Perfect for The Bride and the Bridal Party!

Due to its low “unsaponifiable” Shea Butter content, it protects skin from irritation and eventual appearance of blisters caused by rubbing against the walls of the shoes. At the same time, comforts feet, prevents callous formation and helps regenerate the epidermis. Highly concentrated, with 30% Pure Shea Butter, it also improves the suppleness and the resistance of skin.