Lashes Brows Nails

Eye Lash and Brow Strengtheners

Ecrinal Eyelash and Brow Strengtheners.

Strengthening Gel +
Strengthening Black Mascara

for  Fragile, Short, Thin, Damaged and Lifeless Lashes and Brows.
Strengthening Gel, bestows upon lashes and brows a beautiful appearance
of “Fullness” and “Body”.

The perfect treatment after Eyelash & Brow Shaping, Tinting or Perming. Strengthens lashes, before and after Lash Extension.
Highly Recommended by Beauty Therapists, Permanent and Acclaimed Make Up Artists, as well as Lashes and Brows Specialists!

Strengthening Black Mascara, A magnificent make-up with fortifying action, for even the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers!


Ecrinal Waterproof Soft Lead Eye Pencils in Black and Blue.

Water Proof Retractable Soft-Lead
Long Wear Eye Pencils
in Black and Blue
with the same Strengtheing and Lengthening
propereties as the above.

Ecrinal Natural Nail Care

Ecrinal Natural Nail Care

Natural Nail Care
from Monte-Carlo

Free of Formaldehyde, Toluene,
Paraben, Acetone, Phthalate and Camphor.

Ecrinal Natural Nail Care
Cuticle Softening Gel
Non caustic, non alkaline with Vegetable Glycerine and Lactic Acid. Used weekly to soften, lift & help push back
the cuticles. A must for men!

Fortifying Cream with ANP
Rich in Horse Mane Extract, 20%. Ideal for weak fragile splitting nails, as well as nails damaged by artificial systems.
Twice a day, massage into the nails, concentrating on the cuticle areas.

Bitter Polish STOP Nail Biting
Painted over nails as often as required, this product contains Bitrex and is used to discourage people from nail bitting and children from thumb sucking.

Nail Repair Serum
with 12 Precious Oils to nourish and strengthen damaged nails. Apply on nails and cuticles. Massage in. Wipe residue with tissue. Twice a day for 10 days then 2 to 3 times per week.

Vitamin Nail Strengthener with Silk
Painted over soft weak nails with or without polish. The only other active ingredients used are the natural by-products of Cystine and Keratin.

Nail Brightener
to “Brighten”, yellowed sickly looking nails, bestowing upon them a Healthy Natural Look. Extract of Bamboo, rich in silica, acts as a shield. While fine Pearl Particles provide an immediate Lightening Effect. Cotton Seed Oil, loaded with Essential Fatty Acids, nourishes the nails. Birch Sap, rich in Minerals, Trace Elements and Sugars aids to Tone and Moisturise.

Flexible Base Coat
A protective Base Coat with Keratin offering flexibility to the nails, as well as helping prevent staining and damage, often caused by the application of Nail Polish.

Top Coat Clear & Shiny
Painted over soft, brittle and splitting nails, with or without polish. Leaves an invisible glossy film on the surface. 

Mild Polish Remover with Silk
For those who expect  a little more than the usual Acetone Polish Removers.

Nail Polish Dryer
Reduces Nail Polish drying time to Seconds! Bestows radiance, extending the polish life. Thanks to the Moisturizing and Fortifying properties of Camellia Oil, it also nourishes the Nails. Its XL applicator is perfectly adapted to the Nail Shape for an easy & rapid application Apply on the nail and its surrounds after the second layer of Nail Polish.

Ecrinal Natural '2 in 1' Nail Polishes
Ecrinal Natural '2 in 1' Nail Polishes
ONYKOLEINE Antifungal Nail Treatment
ONYKOLEINE Antifungal Nail Treatment

Chemicals to Avoid
Formaldehyde: Banned in Europe. Irritates Skin, may cause Cancer; causes Headaches, Fatigue,
Dizziness and Immune Dysfunction. Discolours the nails. 

Parabens: Mimics Aestrogens. May disrupt Hormones.

Toluene: Long term exposure at low levels causes Memory Loss., Nausea, Skin Irritation,
Tingling in fingers and toes and Respiratory Tract problems.

Acetone: Breathing moderate-to-high levels of Acetone for short periods of time, can cause nose, throat, lung, and eye irritation;
headaches; light-headedness; confusion; increased pulse rate; effects on blood; nausea; vomiting; unconsciousness and possibly coma;
and shortening of the menstrual cycle in women.